MJ Holding provides retail supply chain management and specialize in category planning, planogram development, initial distribution, replenishment, and merchandising of the modular. We continue to work with our manufacturing partners to secure merchandising space in stores of our mass retail partners.

Our goal is to continue to drive top line sales for both our brand and retail partners. To accomplish this goal, we provide a comprehensive category management process: picking the best items to go on the shelf, ensuring they get optimized placement on the shelf and working with our retail partners in creating promotional opportunities.

Supporting the in-store execution are proprietary replenishment systems that ensure our partners are getting the right product to the right store at the right time. Once the products arrive, our best-in-class training and modular setting instructions ensure they are placed on the shelf when and where they belong for optimized exposure and maximized sales.

We also continue to seek hot trend items to enhance our current evergreen brands that we have distributed for years.

We provide the logistics and merchandising necessary to relieve some of the expenses our retail partners face. The advantages of our Pay on Scan Program allow retailers to focus more energy on other areas of their business, while reaping the benefits of our program.

Benefits Include:

  • The ownership of inventory is held by MJ Holding, which means retailers are free of carrying costs, tracking of inventory transactions, and experience no inventory shrink or damage costs.
  • Gross margin percentage for the retailer is maintained by eliminating freight costs, merchandising expenses and by providing prepaid returns back to MJ Holding.
  • Cash flow is optimized for retailer partners through MJ Holding’ absorption of inventory investment and store level expenses associated with the program including: processing purchase orders, scheduling pick up or delivery and processing inventory data. Inventory is paid after product is sold at retail.
We have developed a proprietary program to manage the short life cycles of hundreds of products a year. This program enables us to forecast opportunities and plan accordingly to drive incremental sales. Once a plan is ready to be set into action, a modular footprint and item level instructions are provided for our in-store merchandising team to ensure its execution.

When the products arrive at the stores, the last plan to execute is detailed in the instruction packets we send within each package. These packets are specific to each retailer and section size. Our merchandising partners follow the instructions to complete the modular plan for the week. Our customer care team is capable of providing guidance to our merchandisers or store personnel when necessary.

We evaluate the sales results and the pictures of the modular after execution of the service visit. This analysis is used to validate and enhance future executions.


Our retail partners rely on us to increase their sales results from year to year by being innovative in identifying new properties to distribute, and by maximizing sales performance of evergreen brands.

Our expertise in Scan Based Trading relieves the inventory investment from our retail partners. Additionally, our retail partners can reduce the costs of shipping, receiving, and merchandising of the products we distribute. We also have the capacity to distribute products regionally and to capitalize on products related to significant sporting events or historical events.